Thursday, September 2, 2010


I love shows like Behind the Music. I love stories about underdogs or losers who make good. But it's not because I like watching all the heartache and break down and really bad hairstyles that these people go through in pursuit of their goals. I love that eventually these are stories of people who didn't give up or give in. Because of that dogged perseverance eventually they succeed. I'm a sap that way. A big time, Grade A, massive sap-lover. I mean really, how can you not love a story about someone who makes it, someone who goes through the Ups and Downs and comes out the other side winning.

In some ways these types of stories remind me that life really is about the downs as much as the ups. And I have to believe that if you can in some way learn to enjoy the whole big cauldron of messy, not-perfect moments – or at least not be taken out by them – that you can get to the Ups all the sooner. The light at the end of the tunnel always surprises me when it appears out of nowhere. So when I don't see it, I remind myself that the tunnel frequently holds a hard left turn and as a result the light is out of sight . . . and might be closer than I realize. So go for it. Don't give up. And love the sap!

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